Do Parrots Cry? (Everything About It)

When you have a pet parrot, you may have to wonder sometimes why your parrot is making strange sounds when something he doesn’t like happens, like losing his mate, taking away his favorite toy, putting him inside his cage early, or just ignoring him and not paying him enough attention as he wants. And if you don’t know what these voices mean, then let me tell you that these are the voice of a crying parrot.

So, do parrots cry?

Yes, parrots can cry. Neglection, boredom, sadness, loneliness, and fear can make a parrot cry. Although parrots have tear ducts, the tears won’t fall as you would imagine. However, a crying parrot will express his feelings through vocalizations and behaviors like screaming, rejecting food, plucking feathers, and self-harm.

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Why Do Parrots Cry?

Parrots can cry to show and express their uncomfortable feelings, and sometimes they can cry just to mimic the sound of other crying family members.

So, when parrots cry, it’s not always that they are feeling sad. They may cry just for attention as they could learn that from watching babies and children cry to get attention or food.

Parrots can cry just out of boredom, they may cry just to catch your attention, especially if they were all alone without a mate in their cages entertaining them.

Taking out your parrot from the cage to interact and play with him and then returning him to the cage could be a reason to make the parrot cry and make noisy sounds.

Sometimes the cage might be the source of these feelings, like boredom, neglect, and loneliness in your parrot. Especially if you don’t spend enough time with your bird.

Fear also can make parrots cry and make strange noises, these noises are going to be more obvious if you have another pet at home, a dog or a cat for example.

Your parrot will make these crying sounds when he feels he is in danger because there was no proper introduction between the parrot and the other pet.

And to be honest, there are multiple reasons parrots would cry. Sometimes the reasons can be obvious, and sometimes it could be mysterious. It’s close to impossible for us to understand the way parrots think and feel.

How Do to Know if My Parrot is Crying

To know if your parrot is crying or not, you should be able to understand what are the common voices that your parrot makes.

There are many voices parrots can make using their beaks, tongues, and throats. And not all of them will make all the voices parrots can make.

Every pet parrot will develop a pattern of noises and sounds. In the wild, parrots imitate the voices they hear and the same happens in captivity.

You need to notice the voices your parrot makes when you ignore them for a long time, putting them inside their cages early, changing their cage or the place to a quiet area.

As a parrot owner, understand the body language and the vocalization of your parrot. You need to know what are the things that your parrot doesn’t like, what are the voices he makes when he feels terrible, you also need to understand the voices your parrot makes when he is happy and entertained.

With these considerations in mind, you can know if your parrot is crying, sometimes he will make unpleasant voices, he may pluck his feathers and harm himself. Screaming is also a big indicator that your parrot is crying.

When you hear these voices, you need to think about what was the reason behind them, is your parrot sick, is he injured, is he scared, is he bored, is he lonely, and how satisfying is his food. All these are questions you need to answer if you suspect your parrot is crying.

Not to mention the quieter breeds of parrots may cry without noises reflecting their feeling on their behaviors.

And to be honest, no one can answer this question unless the parrot we are talking about is his parrot and if you asked me how your parrots cry.

Well, my African grey parrots usually scream for attention, they make loud and noisy voices I can’t ignore, and when I go to take them out of the cage, they seem to be quiet and happy.

For my cockatoos, it’s harder, especially since they spoil food and water in the cage base, plucking their feathers and screaming for attention and interaction is their way to express their feelings.

My parrots are living in pairs, every type has its own cage. Although it made it easier for them to stay entertained for longer times, these behaviors occur occasionally with them. And these behaviors are more common with the lonely pet parrot.

What is The Sound of Crying Parrot?

Parrots can make multiple sounds when they are crying, and it all depends on the surrounding voices they hear, they can scream, and make unpleasant voices naturally, just like if you got them from the wild.

But for the pet parrots in captivity the sounds they can make while crying can differ depending on their environment, for example, let’s say, that some parrot owner has a baby that is crying all the time for food and attention.

Parrots can actually understand that crying is the secret formula for attention and food, and here is an example of a crying parrot:

Note that the parrot crying is not feeling bad, scared, or even hungry. He just feels bored and needs attention.

Why Do Baby Parrots Cry?

Babie parrots cry out of hunger. When they feel hungry, they cry and make noises to attract the parent’s attention to get fed. After the parents respond and feed their babies, the little chicks will be quite than they were before.

Older little chicks can make noises and cry out of fear, At least if they reach the age that they will recognize other pets or people. 10 days old chicks and younger ones won’t even realize that they share the world with other creatures.


In conclusion, yes parrots cry, but it’s hard for us to know if the parrot is actually crying, but what we know for sure is that parrots can feel boredom, fear, hunger, sickness, depression, stress, and anxiety.

So it’s important to prevent our pet parrots from getting these feelings. These feelings can reflect on their behaviors and make them make unpleasant noises, that time we can know that there is something wrong.

And remember, the crying voices that your parrot makes depend mainly on the voices in the surrounding area and environment. Parrots can make the sound of a crying baby just for fun, and it’s not reflecting the parrot’s feelings.