Hello guys, My name is Sadeq, and I Welcome all of you guys to my blog where I pen down all thoughts and questions that were hitting a chord in my mind when I am handling any of my pet parrots.

My story with parrots began when the first meeting happened with a couple of macaw parrots. Since then, my obsession was all about them. Obviously, Macaws are not an excellent choice for a 10-year-old kid, and so my parents thought.

But thankfully my parents managed to get me a couple of budgies since they are one of the smallest species of parrots. Of course, it was easier for me to deal with, not like macaws or cockatoo’s which require more attention and responsibility.

That was 19 years ago. From that time, my love for parrots kept growing more and more.

I dealt with many parrots breeds along this time, I also managed to make some of them reproduce while in captivity.

I have also done a detailed study on their diet and living, and I’m willing to share them here in my blog

I have kept 8 types of different breeds in the past. But currently, I own only a pair of African grey parrots, and a pair of cockatoos. Apart from that, I also own a couple of cats.

My motto: To help all parrots owners understand their pets a little better so that they can provide them with the life they deserve.

What makes me qualified: I am a proud parrot owner with more than 18 years of experience in this field.  However, my love for parrots has made me capable of solving almost any issue related to pet parrots.

I have made this blog for sharing whatever I learned in my journey in the past couple of 18 years so that you people can take advantage of it.

In this blog, you will discover numerous supportive tips to take care of your parrot, their sustenance diet, habitat, and so on.

And by the way, I’m an ESL person, and this blog is to help me improve my overall English by writing.

But also I will attempt my best to answer every one of the inquiries that I have experienced in my blog posts and make this blog Home of parrots Lovers.