Are Parrots Omnivores Herbivores, Or Carnivores?

Omnivore is a creature that thrives on eating meat and plants like veggies and fruits. Bears and foxes are omnivores, and of course, we as humans are also omnivores and we have a wide variety of food that we can eat.

Other creatures like lions and tigers are carnivores. They only eat meat, and for animals who eat plants and grass, they are herbivores.

But what about parrots? Are Parrots Omnivores Herbivores, Or Carnivores?

Well, there is no such 100% herbivore parrot, neither omnivore nor carnivore. Most parrots depend mainly on vegetarian sources of food, which could make them appear like herbivores animal. However, in the wild, parrots normally eat insects and sometimes meat if available. As pets, they will try to eat everything they think it’s food, and sometimes they will like it even if it was meat. Being able to eat meat doesn’t make you a carnivore unless you can thrive on it. Parrots can’t thrive on eating only meat, and sometimes it’s harmful to them and they will need some vegetarian food sources, eventually. So, parrots can thrive on eating vegetarian food only, they can’t with eating only meat. So, parrots are necessarily herbivores in the matter of thriving, and omnivores in the matter of diversifying and tasting new things.

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What do Parrots Eat in The Wild

Wild parrots can eat almost every type of vegetation they find around, like seeds, nuts, flowers, and fruits. And occasionally they will eat any insect and meat. They won’t hunt for it, but they will eat whatever looks interesting to them, like a bug walking near them.

In fact, some parrots can only thrive on eating seeds and nuts, which makes them granivore parrots like cockatoos, cockatiels, budgies, and many other breeds.

Another category is frugivore parrots like Eclectus. Eclectus depends mainly on eating fruits, and this is because of the unique digestive system this breed has.

Basically, every breed has its own feeding preferences and behaviors. For example, Eclectus parrots usually feed on the top of the trees, while cockatoo feeds on the ground, and therefore cockatoos eat seeds and nuts, mostly.

What Pet Parrots Eat

If you have a pet parrot, you may have already noticed that your bird will eat anything he can reach and put into his beak, and you may think about these foods could harm him, and most times, our table food can harm any pet parrot.

Stuff like chocolate, milk, avocado, apple seeds, and cherries seeds can intoxicate your parrots and may lead him to his death. so be careful about that, and most of the plants, fruit, and veggies are safe for parrots to consume.

Just pick a fruit or a vegetable and look if it could be toxic for parrots. If everything is good, use it as a delicious addition to your parrot diet. Pick another one and use it as a treat when you train or play with your parrot.

Chilies, peppers, cucumbers, pears, and many more are safe choices to offer to your parrot.

However, remember that these can’t provide your lovely bird with his daily nutrient needs with only depending on one type of fruits or veggies, and maybe it’s impossible to do. And this is because no pet owner can mimic the natural diet the wild parrot eats and thrives on.

The closest you can get is to use the commercial formula that is already enriched with whatever nutrient your parrot needs, and with the perfect amount. So, it’s ok to stick with them and add some raw and fresh fruits and veggies.

Be careful to meet up with the dietary requirements for your parrots, any sudden insufficiency or change in his diet might cause serious threats to his health, so if you want to change the diet, consult with a vet.


Are there carnivorous parrots?

Currently no, there is no known carnivorous parrot. However, 20million years ago there was a possibly carnivorous parrot and scientists suggest that this type of ancient parrots used to feed in other types of parrots using his powerful beak to hun them.

What food do parrots eat?

Parrots mainly eat a herbivorous diet that contains seeds, nuts, fruits, and veggies. Sometimes they can eat insects and another small animal if possible, and in captivity, they will eat and enjoy meat if you served it to them. However, providing parrots with vegetarian food is enough for them to thrive.

What animal does a parrot eat?

Parrots don’t go for a hunt for other animals to get some food, especially if they can thrive on eating fruits, seeds, and nuts. Parrots will eat insects if they came across, and will enjoy eating meat if the owners allowed them.

Final Thoughts

Parrots are herbivore animals, and they will need plants to survive and thrive. Eating some meat is ok in most cases, but parrots won’t be able to survive only on eating meat, and it may harm them, in the long run, leading them to feel sick and maybe to death as well. Seeds and nuts are the key ingredients in most parrots’ diets. Some parrots like Eclectus need fruits and veggies that have more moisture in them.

And yup that’s about it, thank you for reading…