Best 5 Parrots For Beginners and Kids

When I was a young kid, my parents took me to an animal show park. Everyone can bring his pet to the place and offer to people to interact and take a picture with him. Sometimes they’ll request a fee, and many of them won’t ask for money. Anyway, I saw a couple of macaws; These parrots amazed me, and I wanted to raise them as my pets. So, I asked my parents to bring a couple of macaws.

Of course, they refused, since the macaw breed is one of the largest breeds out there that requires a lot of care and attention, and I was only 10 years old back then. It was like buying a sports car for your Children. The idea stayed there, so a few weeks later they surprised me with a couple of budgies instead of macaws I wanted. They told me it was another breed of parrots, so I was satisfied. However, this story happened a long time ago.

And what we are about to discuss here in this article is a kind of similar, and it’s about the best parrots for beginners and families with kids or multiple members. And at the end of this article, I will tell you why these 5 breeds are the best and recommended for mentioned categories.

Best Parrot for Beginners and Kids


couple of budgies

Budgies are the most famous breed among the best parrot breeds for beginners and children. They can live up to 10 years and they can get tamed and trained to be loyal, as they can bond with the owner if they received proper taming and training.

This breed is a talker by nature. They can learn how to mimic human voices and sounds, and also they have a clear voice and a wide vocabulary, although it’s not guaranteed.


2 parrotlets

Parrotlets are also an excellent choice for beginners and kids. If they were looking for a pet parrot, it’s best for them to bring them at least in pairs or more unless you want to pay more attention, care, and interaction. These little parrots will need bigger cages, toys, and little water fountains should be handy when you own a Parrotlet. These birds will entertain themselves if they found the objects and toys and a good-sized cage. Cage mates will be enough for them to stay happy and healthy. This breed can live up to 20 years.


2 lovebirds playing

Lovebirds are maybe the most famous breed of parrot out there, there are about 9 types of lovebirds and they fall under the same family with the difference in colors and home country, or the place where they are native to. Lovebirds are easy to care for, they have an ability to learn and train; they form a really powerful bond with their owners. Lovebirds can live up to 15 years with proper activity, care, and diet.


2 cockatiels

Cockatiels are the lovely and gentle sub-type of cockatoo, and unlike cockatoo, this parrot comes in a smaller size. However, they have a small ability to mimic human voices and sounds.

cockatiels make great pets for beginners and kids, they are easy to tame, and they can learn and understand funny tricks, this bird when gets bonded to the owner and will become like a Velcro bird, a bird that won’t let go away when standing on your head or shoulders.

Cockatiels can live to reach 14-15 years of age.


2 sun conures

Conures are one of the lovely and playful parrot breeds out there, and I consider them one of the best parrot breeds for beginners, and they can live up to 20 years of age. This parrot can offer the owner an entertaining time, as they are famous to be playful and highly active. They love to learn tricks and play with toys and water.

Getting parrots at least in pairs is the best thing to do. Mates will play and interact with each other, with minimal attention from the owner

Why I Recommend These Breeds For Beginners And Kids

There are actually 4 reasons behind this list of best parrots for beginners and children. Here they are:


In my opinion, the bigger the parrot, the harder and more difficult for beginners to have. A bigger parrot requires different levels of care, attention, cleaning, food, and training. Apart from that, bigger parrots equal stronger beaks and nasty bites, and kids can get themselves into a very messy situation if they mistreated the parrot. So is any beginner.

Although such accidents could happen with any breed of parrots, having these bites and scratches from a smaller breed of parrots is much safer than having it with a large breed like Macaw or Cockatoo. especially at the training and taming time.


The housing part for your bird is very important to consider when you are about to get a parrot for the first time. Some parrot breeds as pets will require a lot of time outside their cages, and this should happen while you are around them. Don’t let them out and disappear.

the previous breeds mentioned, don’t need to be outside the cage all the time, they’d prefer to stay in their cages and play with you when the chance comes, they could wait for longer times inside their cages, developing no behavioral and mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

Parrots like Quaker can not stand lonely times, and they will show a lot of disorders. SO, QUAKER PARROTS ARE NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR BEGINNERS, LIKE A LOT OF SOURCES CLAIMS.


These best 5 parrots for beginners are all granivorous, which they will feed on a very simple diet system, mostly containing seeds and nuts. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good and can make delicious snacks.

They can also feed and thrive in almost every type of commercial food, as it’s the easiest for companies for the formation of the pallets, not like other diet systems. like the Eclectus parrot diet that requires different ingredients, focusing mostly on fruit and veggies and their juicy content.

Care & Attention

As mentioned above, these 5 breeds are easy as they won’t require a lot of interaction and playing time, they can handle a long time inside cages, with minimal attention from the owner, but the most important thing is to place the cage in a highly active area in the house.

other parrots like quaker or African Grey need a lot of interaction and training from their owners to stay healthy and happy, this doesn’t mean that these 5 parrots do not require attention and care, but the difference is in levels they need, these 5 breeds require the minimal levels of attention.

Related Questions

What Parrots Are Good With Children?

Almost all tamed and socialized parrots are good with children. However, there is no guarantee the children won’t perform any sudden moves leading the parrot to get scared, thus adult supervision is a must.

Beginner Parrots That Talk

Best parrots that are suitable for beginners and children and with a wonderful ability to talk to Budgie. However, the talking training should start at a very young age, and with male budgies. Female budgies are not likely to talk.

Which Parrot Is Least Likely To Bite?

Cockatiels and budgies are the least likely to bite. However, their bite is still painful and might cause bleeding.

Are Parrots Good Pets For Beginners?

In general, most parrots, especially of the larger breeds, are not good pets for beginners. But the smaller breeds like budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, conures, and parrotlets are relatively easier to care for as pets.

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