Can African Greys Eat Mango? (Yes, But How Much..)

When an owner raises an African grey parrot, it is impossible not to notice the curiosity of these grey birds with food, and caring owners may ask about is it ok to feed African greys this or that type of food as a treat for their lovely greys.

And with mango, yes African greys can eat mango and benefit from the nutrients this fruit can provide. However, mango contains a lot of sugar that could cause the grey to suffer from stress, poor sleep, and sometimes aggression. In general, mango is safer for African greys in moderation.

Mango can make an extremely delicious treat for African greys, but moderation in serving is highly important. And in this article, we will dive into everything related to feeding mango to African greys safely.

How Much Mango Is Safe For African Greys?

As stated above, mango contains a lot of sugar that could cause African grey to suffer from high blood sugar. However, this condition is way easier for parrots to handle and they handle high blood sugar better than humans who can develop diabetes, but in parrots and in African greys, this condition is very rare because they can handle triple the percentage of sugar that humans and other mammals can.

But, the high blood sugar in African greys can lead them to suffer from stress and bad sleep, along with aggression and hyperactivity. And in the long run, African greys may gain some extra unneeded weight that is bad for parrots and could cause them to develop fatty liver disease.

And to avoid all of that, the best thing is to serve mango to African grey every once in a while, and preferably serving in calculated amounts.

The normal weight for African greys is 350 grams, so the amount of mango you can serve without causing these symptoms is no more than 5-10% of their body weight. Apart from that, make sure you serve mango in the early day not before sleeping, because any amount of sugar can lead to more energy and difficulties sleeping. One more thing is to make sure you serve mango after your grey finishes his daily meals of seeds and nuts because mango contains fiber that could cause fullness and refusing to eat natural food.

Is Mango Beneficial For African Greys?

Of course, mango contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for an African grey to have on a daily basis, yes, they get most of it from their natural food, but mango can make up any deficiency in their diet, not to mention the delicious taste of mango that will drive your grey crazy for having a bite. Here is an article I wrote, and I included the full benefits of mango for parrots.

Besides that, mango is the best home remedy for constipation, which is common in African greys, and serving small slices for them can put their digestive system back on track.

Can African Greys Eat Mango Seeds?

Yes, mango seeds are safe and beneficial for African greys, and in fact, the seeds are being widely used in commercial pallet food for parrots, so serving them raw and organic is totally safe.


In conclusion, African grey and other parrots breeds can eat a mango with nothing to worry about as mango is a safe and healthy snack for them, but only in moderation. Extra mango for African greys can cause diarrhea for them because of the high content of fiber, not to mention the side effects of sugar.

And yes, that’s about the question: can African greys eat mango? I hope you found this article informative and easy to digest. Thank you for reading…