Can Parrots Drink Coffee? (All You Need To Know)

Having a pet parrot can arouse many concerns about the best way to raise a parrot, how to feed it, and how to maintain its health. In fact, raising a parrot is way more difficult than having a dog or a cat for a pet.

Anyway, one important concern that rises when rising a parrot is how to feed the bird, and what to feed it. And in short answer, parrots can eat most food types with no problems or serious health issues. At least if the owner diversified the meals, aiming to suffice the nutritional requirements of vitamins and minerals.

Can Parrots Drink Coffee?

No. Parrots cannot drink coffee, because caffeine can cause an increase in the heart rate, arrhythmias, and hyperactivity to parrots. And it’s possible to cause cardiac arrest for the bird in large doses, not to mention the stress and difficulty of sleeping.

What about other drinks?

For drinks, parrots are better limited to water and organic juices only.

However, there are breeds that can tolerate caffeine more than another and can turn into coffee lovers. And in this article, we will dive into everything.

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What Will Happen When a Parrots Drink Coffee

Well, this actually depends on the breed, the size of the breed, and the quantity of coffee the bird got. And in the worst scenarios, the bird will have a cardiac arrest and will die because of the high heart rate. However, it is pretty rare, and all parrots won’t be able to drink coffee from a glass, just like we do. Instead, they will have sips or drops.

Small doses of caffeine can cause the parrot’s serious stress and maybe aggression toward you or its cage mate. Difficulty sleeping is also common for parrots and humans as well. Hyperactivity is also one of the major effects of coffee, so prepare to chase your bird to get him back to his cage.

These symptoms will vary, and it depends on the dose. How many sips and drops did the parrot consume, how concentrated the caffeine content is, and what is the size of the breed? Many other factors will decide how harmful is coffee for the bird. Coffe might suit some parrots of large breeds like macaw and cockatoo though.

So, Is Coffe good or Bad For Parrots

Of course, it is bad for them in the long run, whether it suits them. However, black coffee and certain types of tea are always bad for most parrots because of the high content of caffeine. Other types of coffee can be terrible as well, because of the high content of sugar, milk, and artificial flavors. Every ingredient has its own effects, along with the effects of the caffeine itself.

So, yes, coffee is harmful to parrots. Even though some parrots seem to handle it very well. However, in the long run, the effects will reach their cardiac system and may increase the chances of cardiac arrest.


In conclusion, coffee and caffeine are toxic to parrots, and they can’t drink them, because of the serious health problems that can develop in the long run if the parrot has a low tolerance for caffeine, and on rare occasions, cardiac arrest can happen. Some parrots may love and enjoy coffee because it actually suits them well. Just like these two cockatoos who drink coffee every day.

These are extremely rare cases. I don’t recommend giving coffee to parrots, and I am totally against it. Some owners do the exact opposite.

And yes, that’s about it. I hope you found this article informative and easy to digest. Thank you for reading…