Can Parrots Sense Pregnancy?

This is a common question among the female parrot’s owners who became pregnant, those women may overthink about what their pet parrot reaction regarding their pregnancy, how they will react when the baby is born, is it safe later for the parrot to come near the baby, and so on?

So. Can parrots sense pregnancy?

No, parrots can’t understand pregnancy unless they have seen a pregnant woman before, and witnessed the first days of a baby. Thus, the parrot may form a link between a bigger belly and a new baby. Otherwise, the parrot will notice the belly getting bigger, therefore it may act weird and anxious.

But what the parrot will notice for sure is the bigger belly. This may cause the parrot to feel that you are not ok, especially if the parrot was bonded tightly to you. This feeling can reflect in 2 different ways.

He may stick and insist on staying with you, or he will act weird or withdrawn.

The other thing is, parrots might notice is the hormonal changes occurring with the person who is having a pregnancy. Not all parrots will do that. So, they might act weird, withdrawn, or not interact as usual.

However, pregnancy can be a difficult time both for you and your parrot. He may feel neglected, as it’s going to be harder for you to interact with your pet and care for him.

Having a parrot and pregnancy at the same time is hard, and it’s not a good idea to care for him all on your own. Help from your partner or friends is needed.

can parrots sense pregnancy

Can You be Around Parrots While Pregnant?

Birds, including parrots, can transmit infectious diseases like salmonella, Chlamydia, Campylobacter, and protozoa. I highly recommend testing your parrot to make sure that he will not transmit any disease to you during pregnancy.

Cleaning the parrot cage while pregnant is also a bad idea, and the wise option is to leave this task to your partner or any close relative. And to make it short, the best thing you can ask one of your friends or relatives to have and care for the parrot, at least until delivery.

Can Parrots Cause Miscarriage?

No, parrots can’t cause miscarriage, the diseases they can transmit can cause this, transmitted diseases and infections like salmonella and campylobacter, which are mostly transmitted by uncontaminated food, or the food that your parrot ate from.

Chlamydia psittaci is a bacterial infection that can also be transmitted from parrot, protozoa parasites as well.

All these diseases can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy, or stillborn at a later time of pregnancy.

Is my Parrot going To Feel Jealous of The Baby?

Yes, parrots are emotional creatures, and it’s possible for them to feel jealous of the new baby. It is wise to keep the parrot away from the baby, at least until the baby is bigger.

later you can introduce the parrot to the baby, and if you did it the right, they will probably get along so quickly, until this time the bird room can be very useful.

To prevent that from happening, you can get your parrot a cage mate, so they can entertain and interact with each other while you are taking care of the baby, or even at early stages when you are pregnant.


In conclusion, taking care of a parrot while pregnant can be very hard, not to mention when the baby is born. This combination can be very dangerous for your baby. Jealousy and boredom can lead the parrot to bite and scratch the baby.

So it’s always wise to prepare a room for your bird to prevent these accidents from happening. Also, remember to give your parrot enough time to play and interact unless you want him to feel depressed and anxious.

And if you ask about my suggestion, I always recommend that to bring your bird a cage mate of different sex, especially after the birth. Caring for both the baby and the parrot can get very difficult and consuming, and the new cage mate will help with that.

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