Parrot Basics

Do Parrots Have Vocal Cords

Do Parrots Have Vocal Cords?

Parrots, along with many other types of birds, are actually capable of speaking and mimicking human sounds. However, the mimicking proficiency of certain breeds of parrots like African grey and Amazonian Parrots Are in fact exceptional. This may lead some parrot lovers to believe that parrots actually have vocal cords, just like us humans. But …

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Do Parrots Understand Language?

Parrots are highly intelligent and social creatures, and they are emotional creatures as well and can bond and love their owners and their cage mates, or whoever spends more time with them. But, do Parrot Understand Language? No, parrots can not understand human language. Although some parrots have an exceptional ability to mimic words they …

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Most Beautiful Parrots

The 8 Most Beautiful Parrots

We live on a planet with a lot of life forms like mammals, plants, insects, and many different species that share the same environment with us humans. All of these creatures have their own beauty, whether they live in the land, sea, or in the air like parrots. Parrots are one of the most diverse …

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