Do Parrots Dream? (What Science is Saying About it)

We humans often dream about a lot of things, to the extent we try to know what was the meaning or the reason behind the dream we had last night. We sometimes find signs about future events, and sometimes we build our decisions depending on what was the dream is .

Besides that, dreams are not the same, they differ from person to person. It could happen as scenes, sounds, and sometimes smells. Dogs and cats can also have dreams that differ as well. They may dream about food, owners, and playing.

But, do parrots and other birds dream?

Yes, parrots and other birds dream just like humans and other pets. They may flap their wings, talk, move their eyes, and make sounds while sleeping, so it’s easy to know that they are dreaming. In fact, dreaming plays a role in parrots developmental process.

However, it’s kind of impossible to prove that parrots are dreaming. After the parrot wakes up, he can’t tell his owner about his dream, and the only way to make sure that the bird is dreaming is by watching him while he sleeps and seeing what sounds and moves he makes.

We are going to dive into this topic and find out what could the parrots’ dreams be like, how often they dream, and everything you need to know. So, let’s dive into this.

can parrots dream

Why Do Parrots Dream?

Parrots have highly functional brains similar to us humans and other pets like dogs and cats. Besides that, parrots can learn songs, unfamiliar sounds, and of course, words. And this is because of their exceptional ability to mimic sounds they hear repeatedly.

And as scientists have stated, dreaming of parrots and other birds can help them learn and mimic what they hear during the day, not necessarily in captivity, but also in the wild. Dreaming actually is involved in the learning process of parrots and other birds.

Scientists have noticed bursts of activity in a certain area in the bird’s brains while they sleep. This area is the one that is responsible for singing and making new sounds. However, the activity was normal while the bird was awake.

So, parrots dream because dreaming is a part of their learning process. Dreaming can make parrots and other birds perform better the next day.

What Do Parrots Dream About?

Parrots, as mentioned above, usually dream about songs and sounds they make during that day. Not only that, they can dream about food, treat, and their owners as well.

Just like us humans, we dream about many things that we are aware of it, maybe our desires and hopes, and the same for parrots they may dream about anything they are aware of, anything that they come across in reality.

Do Parrots Have Nightmares?

Of course, parrots can actually have nightmares about whatever they fear from, and in most cases, they will have nightmares about predators and anything they may fear from.

Nightmares for parrots are not very common, but they can happen to stressed or depressed parrots, and it is better to help your parrot if he was in this situation.

This could escalate to night terror, night fright, which can lead the parrot to wake up thrashed.

Do Parrots Talk in Their Sleep?

Yes, parrots can talk while they dream, and it’s a very important sign that the parrot is dreaming when you hear them talking. Not only talking is what can tell you they are dreaming, singing, and making voices are other signs of dreaming parrot.

How to Know if the Parrot is Dreaming?

As mentioned above, a dreaming parrot can flap his wings while sleeping, make sounds, and have rapid eye movements. The last sign commonly occurs when the parrot is having a nightmare.

Any weird sign that comes from a sleeping parrot is probably a sign of dreaming, dreaming normally starts after 1-2 hours of sleep. Avoid waking up your parrot even if you suspect he is having a nightmare.

Can Parrots and other birds Sleepwalk?

The most extreme thing a dreaming parrot might do is flap its wings, luckily parrots do nothing like sleepwalking, even if it was having a nightmare. A parrot’s brain prevents the bird from moving while sleeping.

But, let me tell you that some parrots and birds can actually sleep flying, yes they can snooze and take naps while they are flying to their destinations.


In conclusion, dreaming is an important part of the parrot learning process, and having a parrot that cannot dream means that you have to expect a speechless parrot or voiceless bird. So, yes, dreaming is actually healthy for parrots, and if you want to induce dreaming in parrots, you can play some lovely background music.

This music can induce bursts of activity in the area responsible for learning new sounds. Note that parrots can also dream about different things, not only sounds and songs they hear during the day. And yes, that’s about it, hope you found this article informative and easy to digest…

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