Do Parrots Fart? (All You Need To Know)

Parrots are beautiful, smart, and funny creatures that could reward the owner with a lot of entertainment times, as long as the owner is paying attention and interacting with the pet parrot.

But, Do Parrots Fart?

No. Parrots do not fart because of the unique structure of their digestive system. This structure won’t allow the stomach gases to build up like what happens with other animals. Some parrots will mimic the sound of farts, leading the owners to think that parrots could actually fart.

Along with that, parrots share many characteristics with other pets like dogs and cats, and even with us humans. Parrots can be loyal pets, annoying, lovely, cuddly, demanding, and a lot more than the owner could think of them as little baby humans.

And if you are already a cat or a dog owner, you must have noticed that your pet is farting sometimes, especially when they sleep. And with this in mind, do parrots fart?

do parrots fart

Why My Parrots Makes Fart Sounds?

As mentioned earlier, parrots can mimic almost every sound (at least the breeds with good talking abilities) they hear from their surroundings, and, of course, this includes fart sounds. And if you have other pets like dogs and cats, then the possibility is bigger for your pet parrot to pick up the sound and mimic it later.

Don’t worry and think that your pet is suffering from stomach gases as parrots cannot build up gas. And it’s totally normal for them to make such sounds.

Why Parrots Do Not Fart?

Although parrots have an anus, which makes it possible for them to fart, there is no scientific evidence that they do. There are multiple reasons for that.

  • 1- Is that they don’t keep the food inside their bodies long enough to build up gas.
  • 2- Is that parrots don’t have the bacteria responsible for fermenting the food and forming the gases inside their digestive systems.
  • 3- Is that parrots bodies release gases continually with any chance for the gases to build and get released in one eruption like what happens with other animals.

However, these 3 are all theories and scientists are not interested in explaining this, at least at this moment. Maybe in the future, we will know why exactly parrots do not fart.

Can any Parrot Fart?

No, there is no type of parrot that can fart. Whether it was a macaw, African grey, cockatoo, cockatiel, or any other breed. All breeds of parrot can’t fart.