The 11 Most Popular Parrot Breeds

Parrots are beautiful and highly intelligent creatures. They can talk, learn tricks, and can provide you with everything you expect from a pet, just like any dog or cat. And besides that, parrots can also fly. They can fly and return to you once you call for them, and this can happen with almost all parrots after they get proper training.

Apart from that, the parrot family comprises over 350 species, not all of them are popular as pets. Some of them are actually on the brink of extinction, and it’s nearly impossible to get one of them as a pet.

However, there are many species that are easy to find and adopt, and among these, owners will prefer one on the other, which will make some species less popular. So, what are the most popular parrot breeds most owners seek to adopt and buy? And to get to the point here is the most popular parrots list:

Let’s get into this:

The 11 Most Popular Parrot Breeds

Note: I base this list on my opinion on what I see in pet stores and the information I got from breeders that I know. It’s good to state this in the, although I am sure some people will disagree with this list, and it’s totally ok.

  • Budgies
  • African Grey Parrots
  • Lovebirds
  • Quaker Parrots
  • Cockatiels
  • Ring-Necked Parrot
  • Blue And Gold Macaw
  • Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
  • Sun Conure
  • Galah Cockatoo
  • Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot



Budgies are the most popular parrot breed out there. They are lovely, playful, and easy to care for. They can live up to 15 years. If you are looking for a breed that is good for beginners, then budgies are the best choice for you.

This breed is very loyal, playful, and cuddly. This breed actually was the first breed of parrot I’ve raised when I was 10 years old. So, budgies are a brilliant choice for kids who want to raise a pet parrot.

However, this breed is highly gentle and sensitive, so don’t expect cuddling and tough playing. Budgies don’t like touching unless it is in their heads or cheeks. Any shock or sudden move could easily kill them, so be careful.

African Greys

african grey parrots

With their exceptional ability to talk and mimic sounds, African greys are the most popular pet parrot, at least among the most experienced owners. However, they are not easy to tame and care for, they will need extra attention and playing time, as they highly social parrots, more than other breeds.

Besides that, African greys are highly intelligent parrots, and maybe the most intelligent. They can be very efficient service animals, which shows how smart they are. This breed can live up to 40-60 years, so it’s a commitment for life that you need to meet up.



Lovebirds are a subspecies that comprises 9 subtypes. They are small-sized, playful, and easy to care for. They can live up to 15 years with proper care, a healthy diet, and of course, a lot of playing and interaction.

They make a superb choice for beginners and kids because of their lovely and cuddly behavior. Note that this breed is small-sized, so they may die just out of shock, like many other small breeds.

Quaker Parrots


Quaker parrots are small-sized, cuddly, playful, and loyal. They bond with one person in the family and give him all the love they hold.

However, there is a funny side to these little parrots’ personalities. They can turn from being playful and cuddly to acting aggressively toward their owners. You may think that they suffer from some problems, but let me tell you, in most cases, it is just their personalities.

If you think that their small size makes them good for beginners thinking that they are easy to care for, then let tell you that these little parrots are one of the most social breeds, and if they feel lonely, they will turn to be aggressive and nasty.

If you have enough time to play with them, then they are going to be good as pets.

Apart from that, having and raising a quaker parrot as a pet is illegal in some states, because of the threats they can pose toward properties and agricultural activity in the state.



Cockatiels are a subtype of the bigger cockatoo family. And they are one of the most popular breeds of parrot in the world. This breed is so playful and cuddly. After they bond with their owners, they reward them with love, cuddles, and a lot of entertaining times.

Although this breed is a brilliant choice for beginners, the owners should be very careful and gentle when cuddling and dealing with them. They don’t like rough playing and touching, petting in the head or scratching their cheeks is the best.

This breed is highly sensitive, and they might die because of sudden fear or shock. Other pets like cats and dogs can cause them that. So, you need to prepare a very safe environment before getting a cockatiel.

Ring-Necked Parrot

Ring-Necked Parrot

The Ring-necked parrot is a very popular type of parrot among beginners and experts as well. This breed is playful, talkative, and cuddly. But do not expect them to cuddle against you. The way they show affection is by sitting on your shoulder and standing on your hand.

With good care and a healthy environment, this breed of parrots can live up to 30 years. Parrots of this breed are highly intelligent and social birds. They love to learn new tricks and spend time with their owners and will appreciate every moment you spend with them.

Blue And Gold Macaw


Blue and gold macaws are the icon of parrots around the world. This breed is extremely smart and they will avoid and might attack any person they had an unpleasant experience with in the past. So blue and gold macaws can actually memorize the faces of different people.

This breed can live up to 40-50 years, not only the large size that makes them hard to care for but also the space they need, the interaction, and stimulant environment that make it hard for beginners to adopt or buy a blue and gold macaw, or any other type of macaw.

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo


Sulfur-crested cockatoo is the Icon of cockatoos, with its yellowish crest, white set of feathers, and chubby body sulfur-crested cockatoo is among the most popular parrots with no doubt.

This breed can live up to 40 years in captivity. They make a wonderful and rewarding per after they bond with their owner. However, this breed is extremely hard to care for and may be the toughest breed to raise. It requires a significant amount of experience from the owner.

With their long lifespan, this breed is a commitment for its entire life.

Sun Conure

sun conure

The Conure family comprises over 40 types, and the most popular among them is Sun Conure. This subspecies is very popular among owner who wants to raise and own playful parrot.

Not only playful but also smart and intelligent, they love to learn new tricks and spend time with owners. Toys can be very rewarding to them and can make them spend longer time alone compared to other breeds. This bread could be the best choice for beginners.

Galah Cockatoo

galah cockatoo

Ghala cockatoo is a subtype of the cockatoo family. This breed has a truly unique coloration that made it very popular among parrot lovers. Besides that, galah cockatoos have funny and lovely personalities. They have an amazing ability to mimic sound as well.

This breed, with proper care and healthy, can live up to 25 years old of age. If any beginner can provide the galah with enough playtime and interaction, then this could be a brilliant choice, especially with the calm temperament of this breed.

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots comprise many subspecies, and the Yellow-Naped amazon parrot is the most popular among them.

This breed has an exceptional ability to talk and mimic sounds they hear repeatedly. They are highly social as well, loving play and interact with owners. The individual of this breed can live up to 30 years in captivity. Of course, they will require attention and care to reach this age.

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