The 8 Most Beautiful Parrots (With Pictures)

We live on a planet with a lot of life forms like mammals, plants, insects, and many different species that share the same environment with us humans. These creatures have their own beauty, whether they live in the land, sea, or in the air like parrots.

Parrots are one of the most diverse species on earth, this family comprises about 400 subtypes, and all of them are exquisite, and in this article, we will look into some of the most beautiful parrots out there, I will focus on the species that are available to be pets, and I will exclude the endangered species.

So let’s get into this.

Beautiful Parrot feathers

Most Beautiful Parrots

Before we go into this list, I need to declare that this list is not backed by any pools or whatever, It’s just based on my opinion, and on what I think is the most beautiful, some people will agree, and some will disagree and it’s totally fine.

And this list may contain types of parrots that belong to the same family, so it’s not restricted to one type from any family. This list also focuses on the external shape of the parrot, it’s not about their personalities and behavior.

Here is the list of the most beautiful parrots:

  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Lorikeet
  • Dusky Lorikeet
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Sun Conure
  • Red-Breasted Parakeet
  • Senegal Parrot
  • Galah Cockatoo

Scarlet Macaw

Beautiful scarlet macaw

The scarlet macaw is a brightly colored macaw. its head and shoulders are usually red with a yellowish golden feather that come after, sometimes you may find green spots within the yellow feathers. And at the end of this parrot body, you can find blue and red feathers.

The scarlet macaw is an exquisite parrot, and actually one of the most expensive parrots out there. However, his high price is not because of his rarity, but because of the high demand on this breed.


Beautiful lorikeet

Lorikeets are medium-sized parrots that are very colorful, and it’s very popular among parrot lovers. They are easy to care for, playful, and cuddly. This type of parrot has 4 colors sprinkling their bodies making them look like skittles candy.

Dusky Lorikeet

Beautiful dusky lorikeets

Dusky lory belongs to the same family as the lorikeets, but with a vast difference in coloration. Dusky lory has two color phases. The orange and yellow variants both have a golden-brown crown, an orange collar, and a white rump. The upper breast is black-barred. The ventral side of their wings are orange and the tail is dark blue.

Hyacinth Macaw

Beautiful hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth macaw is one of the most beautiful parrots, with its dark solid blue covering all of its body, along with the yellow skin around its eyes and beaks.

Sun Conure

Beautiful sun conure

The sun conure is the icon of the conure family that comprises multiple types of parrots. The sun conure has the yellow feather as the primary color on its body. With traces of blue and green on the edges of its tail and wings, the sun conure makes a very playful and funny pet parrot that is easy to care for and good for beginners.

Red-Breasted Parakeet

Beautiful Red-Breasted Parakeet

The Red-breasted parakeet or the mustached parakeet is one of the most beautiful parrots that you can raise as a pet. This breed is very talkative and possesses a wonderful ability to mimic what they hear.

What distinguishes this type of parrots is their red or pink breast. This breed also has black feathers under their beaks and between their eyes. It makes them look like they have a mustache and eyebrows.

Senegal Parrot

beautiful senegal parrot

The Senegal parrot with its black and sometimes grey head, and yellow-orange ventral feather along with its green wings is one of the most colorful parrots. This 9 inches long parrot is very talkative and can make a lovely and rewarding pet.

Galah Cockatoo

Beautiful galah cockatoo

The Galah Cockatoo is the most beautiful pet cockatoo out there. I would love to include the black palm cockatoo on this list, but unfortunately, it’s not very common as a pet parrot.

The Galah cockatoo, with its unique pink coloration in its ventral area, is the most beautiful pet cockatoo. It has a lovely personality that makes it the best cockatoo for beginners and kids.

And yes, that’s about it, hope you find this article informative, thank you for reading…