What Do Parrots Like to Do for Fun?

Having a pet parrot means the owner must keep it well-fed, well-protected, and well-entertained. However, feeding the parrot and protecting him from any danger can be very obvious. But the thing gets harder with the entertaining part. Especially since some beginners may not understand the mentality of their pets or their preferences.

So, What Do Parrots Like To Do For Fun?

Social interaction, social interaction is the most fun activity for parrots, and they will appreciate every moment with their owners, either for playing, training, teaching them new tricks, or just letting them out of their cages to wander around the house and be themselves.

Parrots are highly social creatures and providing them with their needs, such as social interaction, would be the most important thing for them. Parrots can’t handle loneliness. You can’t leave your bird alone for a long time, and this can lead them to be anxious and depressed, and if they are inside the cage, they may start plucking their feathers.

Toys and treats can help with that. Bringing a new cage mate is also a good idea. However, you need to pick a mate of different sex to prevent them from fighting. Here is how to identify the parrot gender.

And in this article, we will dive into some ideas on how to entertain your parrot. Let’s get into this.

macaw parrot playing with toys

How to Entertain a Parrot

There are a few possible and easy ways to entertain parrots and here are some of them:

  • Offer Playing Time
  • Bring Them Interesting Toys
  • Teach Them Tricks
  • Take Them Out

Play with Them

You can play with your parrot, you can train him to say new words, you can introduce them to other people or other pets. Any interaction between you and them will be fun for them. Cuddling is always a good idea. Teasing them, trying to annoy them, can help.

Bringing a cage mate can help you with that. You won’t need to spend a lot of time with your parrot. The parrots will entertain themselves. However, you will need to interact with them from time to time during the day.


Toys should a big part of the parrot environment. It can keep the parrots entertained and happy, buy them colorful wooden toys that they can chew on. Parrots love to chew and pick on anything, furniture, shoes, and even a mango seed can make them busy and stimulant.

Teach Them Some Tricks

You can start training them to do some simple tricks, like bringing back a stick or wooden ball after you throw it to the other side of the room. Try to train them how to talk by talking with them and repeating different words.

There are a lot of simple tricks that every parrot can do.

Take Them Out

Taking them out is an excellent idea to keep your parrot entertained. You can take them to a picnic and introduce them to new people and new sights and places.

You can train them how to fly freely outside and come back when you call them. They won’t go far from you if they bond tightly to you, and manage to train them properly.

As you see from the previous ways, it’s mostly about social interaction. The more interaction with your parrot, the better and healthy for him.

What Do Parrots Do When They Are Happy?

When your parrot is happy, you notice that the bird is being himself, he won’t feel tired and withdrawn, he will get excited in almost every move in the house, or at least movements within his eyesight. Happy Parrots will vocalize a lot, they will sing, scream, and say words as they hear them from you and your family member.

Most parrots are highly vocal, some breeds are quieter than the others, but happy parrots will make a lot of noise.

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What Kind of Toys do Parrots Like?

If you want to get your parrot a new set of toys, you better stick with the wooden toys or the durable plastic ones. Parrots can shred soft toys into little pieces using their sharp beaks.

Parrots will like the colorful toys that contain a bell inside to make a noise when they move them, watery toys are also a good choice. Like a little colorful fountain for your parrot to play with.

Just make sure when you give the toys to your parrot to avoid giving the toys all at once, parrots can feel bored quickly, and they will ignore the toys. So try to put 2-3 toys for 1-2 days and replace them with other toys, and repeat. This way your parrot won’t feel bored quickly.