Why Do Parrots Break Their Eggs? (Is It Normal)

Sometimes When breeding parrots in captivity occur, there are some problems happen along the process. Breaking the eggs is one common problem that could happen with any couple of parrots when breeding, and considering the preparation efforts to succeed in breeding, this could be seen as an enormous loss for the breeder or the owner especially if the breeding was for profit.

And honestly, there is no certain reason for this to happen and in fact, breaking the eggs can happen because of many different factors, and in this article, we will discuss this issue and how to prevent

Why Do Parrots Break Their Eggs

Why Do Parrots Break Their Eggs?

As mentioned, many different factors can lead the parrots to break their eggs, and one main reason is that breeding is happening in captivity within inadequate nesting boxes or small cages that can make the bird feel stressed. However, this is only a fracture of the issue, and here are some more reasons to look after to avoid having the eggs broken

      • Inexperience
      • Stress
      • Fright
      • Boredom
      • Nutrient Deficiency


      Inexperience is a very common reason that could lead any pair of birds to break their eggs before hatching. So, the breeding pair must have optimum conditions when breeding for the first time in captivity.


      Stress also can cause eggs to break even when the breeding pair is experienced and already have a history of breeding in captivity. Stress can happen for many reasons to the breeding pair such as the existence of other birds in the same room, other pets, bad diet, fluctuating temperature, and humidity in the breeding environment.

      These factors must be considered when attempting breeding and preparing the environment. sometimes these factors can change without purpose so the owner must check once every while.

      Apart from that, the breeding equipment like the nesting box and breeding cage should meet the minimum size that every type of parrot type requires.


      The breeding room or environment should be as safe as possible, and this should be obvious from the pair’s perspective. Safety for us is different from safety for parrots, especially nesting parrots. Nesting parrots require privacy as long as they are nesting their eggs, and it can go as far as they don’t want to see any other creatures including their owners.

      The possible time to check on them is when owners refill their supply bowls other than that can result in fright, and violation of privacy, at least from the perspective of the breeding pair. Using a cage camera can help you minimize the times you check on them.

      Sounds from the external environment can cause fright like music sound, yelling, thunder Etc.


      Boredom can happen to parrots while breeding and providing toys and social interaction within a very safe environment can also help. And this should happen before the birds discover that breaking and picking on their eggs can bring some joy, and if this happens there is a chance that these birds will develop this habit even in future breeding attempts.

      However, make a balance between preventing boredom and causing fright, it’s also better to limit social interaction as much as you can, especially if the breeding parrots are feral and not tamed.

      Nutrient Deficiency

      Make sure to provide the birds with enriched food of minerals and vitamins as they consume more nutrients during breeding. any lack of nutrients can cause stress and sometimes depression.

      You can add more fruits and veggies, or you can use external supplements but be careful not to exceed their adequate amount of nutrients.

      Every type of parrot requires a different amount of nutrients, do your research depending on the type of breeding birds you have.

      How To Prevent Eggs Breaking

      Preventing eggs from breaking depends mostly on countering the reason why it’s happening, for example, if your breeding couple is inexperienced in parenting their new eggs, you can incubate the eggs using an artificial incubator, Or you can use fake eggs and get your couple to used to having eggs in their nesting box. Sometimes using an artificial incubator is a must, especially if the birds already have some history in breeding as this behavior usually has developed over the years.

      If the couple is afraid, you must know the reason, sometimes the fight can happen because of external factors like having other pets, dogs, and cats for example.

      Boredom as well can make the birds enjoy cracking their eggs so make sure you provide enough mental stimulation like interactions and cuddling. Toys and new treats can also help.

      Fright is another reason that requires you to provide optimum safety for the birds while they are nesting, using a breeding room is a good idea.

      Make sure you provide your breeding pair with enough nutrients as parrots require more nutrients during breeding and any lack of these can lead to stress.


      In conclusion, breaking eggs before hatching is kinda normal, yes it’s sad and bad but when comparing the normal conditions these birds go through in the wild and captivity you can understand the huge differences that could make parrots break their eggs and with knowing that owners can adjust and prepare the best environment for their couple to breed.

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