Why Do Parrots Dance?

One of the miracles that parrots offer as pets is their fantastic ability to talk and mimic humans’ speech, which is in itself very outstanding for an animal and this is natural for them as parrots are, in fact, vocal communicators. Apart from that, parrots can also enjoy music, and guess what? They can dance as well. Don’t get surprised when you see your pet parrot bouncing around while hearing some music.

It’s very distinguishable that parrots, unlike other pets like dogs and cats, enjoy music and dance to it. And in this article, we will answer the question of Why Do Parrots Dance? And many more. So, grab your cup of coffee and continue reading.

Why Do Parrots Dance

What Makes Parrots Able To Dance?

Thinking about other pets, you might wonder why they can’t dance just like parrots, although they are equipped with a better structure for dancing, still they can perform any rhythmic moves like parrots. So, the reason why parrots are able to dance is connected to their neuro and brain structure.

Their unique structure makes them able to perceive different types of sounds, and this is also the reason why they are able to talk like humans.

So, being able to mimic other sounds like human speech will necessarily make you able to understand different types of sounds like music, ringtones, and the voice of a crying baby which makes you think the parrot is crying while he is just mimicking the voice of a baby.

Is It Just A Training?

Could it be just training and the parrot has seen someone dancing and learned how to bust some rhythmic moves? The answer is not clear and could go both ways. Let me explain: parrots most of the time can learn to bob their heads and go side to side in their cages after they see their owners dance, so they try to mimic their movement.

But does it mean the parrot won’t bob its head whenever it hears music and has never seen human dances before? The answer is no, parrots are dancers by nature, and if you repeat a song to a parrot for enough time, the bird will move rhythmically with the music it hears.

And with practice with different songs, the parrot will show different moves. So basically if the bird saw someone dancing, it will learn to dance quicker. But since they have unique neuro and brain structures that allow them to perceive different sounds, then it is just a matter of time before the parrot learns hot dance and bob its head.

Do Parrots Love Music?

Yes, parrot love to hear music and dance to it, but this doesn’t mean that they like all types of music. During the research, parrots displayed some sort of dis-likeness toward certain music however, every parrot has its own preferences regarding music.

Do All Parrots Dance?

No, not all parrots dance, every parrot is different, some of them will like music and some will hate it. Sometimes dancing is a skill a parrot need to acquire, but acquiring new skills is hard, especially for older parrots. The younger the parrot, the bigger the chance for it to learn how to dance and react t music.

Some parrots are shy as well and won’t feel comfortable moving their bodies in front of you, but as an owner, you can encourage the bird by dancing with him or just moving and reacting to the song.

Sometimes, the song could be a bad choice, and it could be difficult to move in harmony with, so the parrot will ignore it most of the time, try to put a piece of music with clear beats to it and see how the parrot will react. Just make sure the song isn’t stressful for the bird.

What Types Of Music Are Good For Parrots?

Pop Music and folk music are good choices for parrots to hear and, in most cases, they will enjoy them and dance to them. Rock Music as well can get the bird to react and dance. Classical music as well will make the bird relax and enjoy its time. The most important thing is not to put on loud and stressful music that could make the bird anxious.


In conclusion, parrots can enjoy life beyond o a lot of limitations found in other pets like dogs and cats, and this of course includes music as something funny and entertaining, and in many cases, parrots won’t take the dancing as the end of it, they may sing the song they love once in a while.

Apart from that, owners should diversify the music they put to their parrots to help their pets to discover what music they like and what not. And yup, that’s about it. I hope you found this article informative ans easy to digest. Thank you for reading…