Parrot Sneezing! (Learn Why & What To Do)

Unlike parrot coughing, which is kind of difficult for an owner to notice and detect, parrot sneezing is way easier to detect and react to if necessary. And this is because of the similar way and sound parrots make when they are sneezing, but for coughing, it is different because parrots have a different way to cough without making a noise, and this lead to coughing going easily unnoticed.

In this article, we will dive into everything related to parrot sneezing, and we will find out when and how to deal with it.

parrot sneezing

Do Parrots Actually Sneeze?

Let’s answer this question first, and yes, parrots do sneeze from time to time. Just like us humans, parrots sneeze 2 or 3 times a day and this is quite natural. However, parrots may experience extensive sneezing if they got, for example, an allergic reaction.

Such reactions are absolutely possible and can happen because of many other factors, and allergy is just one of them. We will discuss the reasons later on.

How Do Parrots Sneeze?

Parrot sneezing is like human sneezing, and it’s very easy to detect and notice. However, the main difference in parrot sneezing is that there is no sneezing sound, instead, the voice made by the sneezing parrot will appear to be like the air is coming out fast and strong from their nasal opening.

Apart from that, you can notice the sneezing parrot head moves the same way humans do when they sneeze. Here is a video of a parrot sneezing.

Little Cockatiel Parrot Showing Extensive sneezing

Is It Ok?

Absolutely, parrots sneezing is wholly ok as long as it happens for reasonable times per day. Any sneezing that happens continually in a span of 2 days or more is something the owners should put in mind for further investigation to detect the reason and discard it.

Why Would Parrots Sneeze?

There are multiple reasons why a would parrot sneezes in the first place. One of them is the natural function of their bodies which leads them to sneeze a few times a day, which was mentioned earlier. Other than that, here are some of the reasons.

Allergic Reaction

Just like us humans, parrots sometimes experience an allergic reaction to many things, like spices, food, dust, and many more.

Food Allergy

On rare occasions, parrots can develop allergies to some types of food that is usually ok for them to consume, and every parrot is a single case that has its own circumstances. However, other food like garlic and onion will irritate the internal organs of the bird, causing it to cough and sneeze as well. Such allergies to food require immediate intervention by prohibiting it and never serving to the parrot, and in advanced cases, an avian vet service is a must.

Dust Allergy

For example, if the surrounding place of the parrot is dusty, the parrot may suffer from allergic reactions that will appear as sneezing or coughing.


Just like dogs and cats, parrots can be infested by mites, and this can also lead to an allergic reaction, which is the simplest when compared to the other results of mite infestation

Strong Odors

Strong odors like perfumes, spices, and chemical cleaners can cause parrot sneezing. If you as an owner had to go through these things, just make sure to put your parrot away from these odors.

Dry Environment

Parrots live in humid areas in their natural habitat in the wild. So, if you live in a dry place, it’s possible for the birds to experience some allergic reactions and sometimes bleeding that comes out from their nasal openings. So, you will have to use an air humidifier to place around the bird to prevent such symptoms.


Apart from allergies, a parrot could develop some illnesses that would cause sneezing. Most of these diseases happen to the parrot’s respiratory system.

Along with that, parrot fever, and tumors can also cause parrot sneezing, and all of these require medical assistance.


This reason is funny, and it happens when a parrot mimics the sound of human sneezing. If you noticed your parrot sneezing like a human, it’s probably something you don’t need to worry about.

What To Do About Parrot Sneezing?

If your parrot sneezes as a result of something related to the environment, follow these steps.


Always keep your parrot cage and surrounding as clean as possible. Cleaning is the number one precaution for us humans and for our pets to stay healthy without any health complications that might need medical assistance.

Remove Allergies Sources

If your parrot got some type of allergy like a food allergy, then you have to change the food. The same goes for strong odors. Try to put your parrot away from the kitchen or any place with strong smells.

Humidify The Air

Humidifying the air is really important to provide the parrot with a similar climate to what their wild peers are living in.

Visit The Vet

If the sneezing keeps occurring for a few days and the nasal openings are discharging, then you have to go to the Avian vet for professional help.

When You Should Worry About Parrot Sneezing

As already know, parrot sneezing is something normal to happen to pet parrots, wild parrot experience sneezing as well. But then if the sneezing kept happening for a few days, you did everything to help the bird sneeze, rejecting food, there are nasal discharges, the parrot lost some weight, or the feather started to look dull or sticky. Then there is probably something serious happening to the bird, and you, as an owner, should act on it immediately by taking it to an avian vet.


In conclusion, parrot sneezing is totally normal as long as it happens for good reasons like odors, dust, or dry air. Sometimes parrot sneezing can go on for a few days and won’t stop until there is some specialized medication is used. Of course, this will demand a visit to a vet. So, just be observant as much as it doesn’t feel annoying, and this amount is totally enough to address anything bad with the parrot.

And yup, that’s about it. I hope you found this article informative and easy to digest…