How Do Parrots Communicate? 6 Ways To Communicate With Parrots

Communicating with each other is a huge part of any human life humans, as well as other creatures. And of course, this includes parrots.

So, How Do Parrots Communicate?

It depends on who are they communicating with. If they are communicating with another parrot, they will use their body language and little sounds and voices. And when parrots communicate with owners, they usually use sounds and voices more than their body language.

They don’t need to use human words to communicate, even if they are pets. But, if they can get the attention of the owner by preparing certain multiple words, they will use them without hesitation.

However, they are a lot of ways to make any parrot that you are communicating with, and this will help him relax and watch or listen to you depending on the way you are communicating.

And in this article, we will dive into everything related to communication in parrots. And how to communicate with them as an owner or a lover who wants to give the bird some good times.

And without further ado, let’s get in this…

How Do Parrots Communicate How To Communicate With Them

How Important Is Communication For Parrots

Imagine a car without tires or a tree without leaves. This is almost the same case if any parrot cannot communicate. And most times, parrots can suffer from many poor results because of a lack of communication.

Parrots Are Extremely social animals and this is one of their wild behaviors, and they are still exotic, so they still possess it. So, it’s hard to deprive parrots of interaction and communication without resulting in adverse effects on them.

And just thinking about tigers, and the way live in wild and comparing it to parrots, you can see the difference between an animal who thrives on loneliness, and another who craves communication.

All wild parrots are ok. The actual issue is when the pet parrots are deprived of communication, which is the only way pet parrots can have fun, not precisely the only way. But the most important way that can fulfill their brain’s desires for stimulants and interaction.

Keeping the parrot stimulant in captivity is really hard, especially for beginners. But you should consider that it’s really important, just like food and water, to maintain good general health.

Other than that, owners are just risking their parrot’s well-being. Which is terrible for a pet parrot.

Can Parrots Communicate In Human Language?

No, parrots can’t understand language and can’t use words to express desires and feelings. However, some parrots may use words to get attention, any word that they know can get them what they want. So, let’s say after training, or after hearing some word repetitively, yes parrots can use words to attract attention. Do Parrots Understand Human Language?

And to put it in short, they just mimic what they hear. However, Alex, the African grey is a really exceptional case. This bird used to ask questions about his color and make demands expressing his desire to go rest, which was very fascinating.

What Can Cause Lack of Communication

For us humans, if two people speak the same language, then they can communicate sufficiently. Sign language is another way humans can communicate with disabled people. And between a parrot and another, the communication is mostly going to happen naturally, especially if they were from the same breed. The lack of communication mostly occurs between pet parrots and owners.

And this is because all parrots can’t understand the tones of our voices and body moves, so it became harder for them to communicate. And it gets worse when the owner is not understanding the moves and voices of his pet when he does it seeking attention and interaction with him.

This may be rare to happen when you have two cage mates. But it’s going obvious when the bird is alone in his cage.

Untamed and unsocialized birds are also hard to communicate with. All their body language shows fear, and it’s hard for them to relax and make funny voices as pet parrots should.

What Are The Results?

The results of lack of communication are terrible and could lead your parrot to lose his mind. And to show how this affects the bird, just think about a prisoner who spends most of his time in a single cell with no human interaction.

This is almost the same when you’re the bird is isolated and not being able to have his brain stimulated.

The results can be terrible. The most important three are depression, anxiety, and feather plucking, which can last for the rest of his life, even if he got his issue fixed. And when you hear Plucker parrots, then consider the reason behind this behavior is possibly the lack of communication.

Other common symptoms are aggression, food refusal, weight decrease, and sickness.

How To Communicate With Them

To communicate with parrots and avoid any risks that might happen to their health, you should first get your parrot tamed, at least if it’s not well-socialized. This is crucial to establish a healthy connection between you and your pet. And here are 6 of the best ways to communicate with your bird.

  • Train & Play With Them
  • Understand their body language
  • Sing & Talk to Them
  • Eye Contact
  • Go Outside Together
  • Say Names of Object to Your Bird

And before that, remember that communication for parrots is not for expressing demands and feelings, but mostly for keeping the brain stimulated.

Train & Play With Them

Yes, training and playing with your bird is some sort of interaction and communication that will keep the bird stimulated. And it’s one of the best ways to help your parrot keep his mind in a pleasant state.

Understand their body language

If you are trying to communicate with a parrot, how can you tell if it’s reflecting on the bird without understanding the bird’s body language?

I mean, you can’t understand the voices of parrots, they are just screaming and mimicking everything. And the key to understanding body language is very easy. Just Train and play with Your Bird, and look at the moves he is making.

Sing & Talk to Them

Singing and talking to your pet parrots in low tones can give them the vibes of affection and love. This is one of the best ways to make your parrot understand your love and care.

Eye Contact

When you are playing with your bird, and you are getting the vibes that the bird is having fun with, try to look at your bird, eyes and pet it in the head or any place he loves.

Go Outside Together

This is my favorite way to communicate with my parrots and build some trust between us. This will make the bird understand that you are his safety source, which is great, and it will get his brain really stimulated.

For me, I use a parrot’s harness and I put my bird on my shoulder and go out. One of my African greys is really loyal and I don’t use harnesses on him. I got him when he was just hatchling. Which made me able to train how to fly and come back when he was tired or when I call for him. I don’t call. Actually, I just use a whistle because it’s louder and the bird can hear from far away, and respond to it. Of course, it was after good training from a young age.

However, if someone else used the whistle, the bird might go to him thinking it’s you, so be careful, and always take your bird out to a place without a lot of distraction or predators.

Name Things to Your Bird

This method is excellent when you are at home, and your parrot is sitting on your shoulder. That time you can walk around the house the start picking up stuff and saying their names next to your birds.

This is one way for your parrot to understand and memorize the names of many objects in the house, and by time, you can expect your bird to say these words.


Can Parrots Hold Communication?

No, parrots can’t hold communication between each other or with their owners, and they are always going to just mimic the sound they hear with no understanding of the meaning of what is being said. However, if they hear the same conversation repeatedly, then they might memorize it and repeat it. However, most parrots can memorize sentences of 10 words maximum.

Do Parrots Speak to Each Other?

They Communicate with body language, and verbal sounds, but speaking words is rare in the communication system between 2 parrots. However, saying words only occurs when the parrots are actually pets for the same owner, so they hear and mimic the same words.

How Can I Make My Parrot Talk?

Try to train your parrot by repeating words, you can tell the names of the objects you have in your house and let your bird hear them. Training your parrot to talk is very easy. However, it should be tamed and belong to a breed that is known for mimicking sounds like African Grey and Quakers.


In conclusion, parrots are really excellent communicators among their flocks and use body language and verbal sounds to express what they are feeling. However, with humans, parrots focus on the verbal side to communicate with their owners. Of course, because our way to communicate is mostly verbal, parrots can pick that’s up without knowing the meaning of the words they are mimicking.

Picking up the verbal way to communicate with owners is also a common behavior pets show, just like cats who mew mostly for their owners like they are asking for petting or food.

Even though the body language of parrots and cats won’t disappear you should, as an owner, learn and understand the pattern your pet is showing with every feeling or activity that occurs.

These will help you and help your parrot to feel less lonely, which is the owner’s responsibility.

And yes, that’s about it, I hope you found this article informative and easy to digest. Thank you for reading…