Are African Greys Cuddly? (When & How)

Parrots lovers and owners consider African greys are the most skillful type of parrots that can mimic and talk like humans, but raising parrots is not only about having them talking like people, it’s also about the affectionate side of them, and how easy to care for them.

Regardless, are African greys cuddly parrots that can make owners feel affection?

The answer is yes and no. African greys are highly intelligent parrots, and they can detect their owner’s feelings and show affection for them. Yet, this won’t happen until the owner provides them with their needs for care, attention, and cuddles as well.

Yet, even if owners are providing everything their greys need, there is no guarantee that the bird will show affection and cuddliness. This will make sense if we agreed that cuddles from African greys are just a behavior just like aggression, noise, etc, and to encourage this behavior, the birds must see it and get it from their owners first.

And in this article, we will discuss everything regarding this topic…

2 African grey parrots cuddling

Do African Greys Like To Be Cuddled?

No, not precisely like other breeds of parrots who love cuddling, like cockatiels and cockatoos. African greys won’t demand a lot of cuddles from their owners, but if they do, owners will get surprised how these can show love and affect. Along with that, expect your grey will sometimes refuse cuddles and prefer wandering around picking on stuff, so it’s not the owners’ choice to get affection whenever they want, it’s their greys.

Assumingly, the bird is under an experienced owner’s care. Other than that, these parrots can show a lot of noise and aggressiveness, not to mention that sometimes these parrots will show aggression just because they feel stress when molting or breeding times.

How Do African Grey Show Affection?

In case your bond with your grey is strong and the bird is happy and satisfied with being your pet, expect some regurgitation of food for you. This behavior happens when the adult parrots are feeding their babies, so when happens to you, you know you are precious in your grey eyes.

Another sign happens when you show up the next day in front of your African grey cage, and see your bird is getting excited and his eyes are locked on you, this is a sign that the bird is excited to interact with you and get out of the cage.

A third sign is when your African grey protracts his nick to you like he is asking for a head scratch. This sign is what I am getting when I interact with my 2 greys, they love when I scratch their heads. They seem to enjoy it.

The Fourth more sign is when your African grey likes to spend time next to you rather than his cage. This sign is the most obvious, especially when you 2 set together quietly without notable interaction.

One more sign is when your African grey vocalizes some voices, like whistling and or mincing your words, these sounds and voices won’t come out annoying or anything, it will be quiet and calm. Just as a sign that the bird is learning stuff from you and they are practicing it.

As you see, these signs are likely to appear when you tame your parrot correctly. Aggressive parrots cannot show these feelings because they are busy looking for threats in their surroundings.

How To Get An African Grey Pet To Like You?

Do African Greys Love Their Owners?

Yes, when African grey parrots bond with their owners they will develop a feeling for them, and this can go to the extent of thinking about their owners as sexual mates, especially when raising the bird as a lone pet, and with female African greys, there is a possibility for them to lay eggs, which is common with lone female parrots.

However, this is not always the case with female greys, but it’s possible.

Besides that, the fact that African greys get excited when they see their owners gives us a hint about how these birds feel, it doesn’t matter if it was only for food or playing, what matters is that these feelings are there and this is how they show it.

How To Cuddle With African Greys?

As stated earlier, African grey won’t show affection and seek cuddling if they don’t get these from their owners. So the owners should understand this because they shouldn’t force their birds to cuddle and make the bird feel like he is trapped or cornered. This feeling can induce aggressive reactions.

So, the best thing to persuade your grey into further cuddling is by starting with communicating vocally and doing tricks with toys or any other object in the house. Taking such activity as a routine will make the bird bond to the owner and lead him to feel safe with touches and tickles, yet owners should not be pushy and they should leave the bird to decide whether or not to cuddle.

Apart from that, having an African grey from a young age is the best way to get him to cuddly and affectionate when growing old, and this is because the bond that develops from a young age is stronger, and it will get the owner and African grey that is very loyal to the extent of flying freely outdoors and coming back.

However, this can be a bit harder because owners must hand feed the chick.


In conclusion, African greys are not the cuddliest type of parrots, and their cuddles are limited to what they want, and most of the time, what they want is to communicate and play, which are more entertaining for them than touchy and affectionate times. Yet, it’s possible for them to be cuddly and affectionate, but remember, it’s their decision to make.

And yes, that’s about it, I hope you found this article informative and easy to digest. Thank you for reading…